Inspiration behind Cedar Tree


"The heart's affections are divided like the branches of the cedar tree; if the tree loses one strong branch; it will suffer but it does not die; it will pour all its vitality into the next branch so that it will grow and fill the empty place."

--Khalil Gibran


"....the cedar tree symbolizes strength, and in Lebanon, the tree serves as an important cultural symbol for that reason. Poets and artists have conveyed the tree as a sign of strength and eternity, especially given the tree's endurance through tumultuous periods of history."

Support and Connection

Scientists have recently discovered that trees within a forest share nutrients through their root system underground. If one part of the forest network  is in need of water, trees will share with each other so the entire forest can thrive.


Evergreen branches, including cedar, are used in winter holiday decorations to symbolize the return of spring.